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Who is Thor?

Thor is the son of Odin (The All-father) and Frigga (The All-mother) which makes up the Trinity of the Northern Gods/Goddesses.

He is famous for his Strength and fighting ability.

His main function is to protect Asgard (Home of the Northern Gods/goddesses) from attacks by the Giants of Midgard.

Giants and trolls are evil beings who want to destroy all that is good, beautiful, and sane in our world.

There are Giants and trolls walking the streets of our cities right now, intimidating and scaring good people.


When you learn how to invoke Thor to walk alongside of you they will scatter and cross the street to get out of your way.

How To Invoke Thor and Thor's Hammer For Protection

First of all you must believe that Thor and all the gods/goddesses of the North still exist.

Modern 21st Century science has finally discovered Quantum Physics.

They have explained this in a way so that even the layman can now understand how the energies of the Universe work and how we can create our own realities.

Quantum Physics tells us that all reality, all gods/goddesses, all ideas past present and future exists in an infinite pool of energy called the Quantum Ocean.

All magic and invocation takes place here.

Time does not exist here.

The shamans, healers, magicians, rune masters of our ancestors knew this though they called it by different names. (Mind of God, Grand Architect, First Cause, etc).

Thor is there in all his greatness and strength.

He is more than willing to come into your reality to help you and your family.

Think of the Gods and They Will Think of You!

How To Think of the Gods/goddesses

Study the print of THOR .

See him in your minds eye all in all his glory. Use your Thor Magic Rune Box with orgone ond generator to help you invoke Thor.
He is holding his magical hammer Moljinor (THORN/Thurisaz Rune) which he uses to bash the heads of Giants.

Whenever he throws his hammer at a giants head, it strikes and returns to him.

Study the print, meditate on it (no pain no gain) till you can close your eyes and see him there.

Make him your personal powerful friend who will go out into the world with you and clear your path of all Giants and trolls.

Where you place your attention, your energy flows and if you place your attention on Thor he will feel it and reciprocate.

Enter Stephen Trueheart

I learned this Viking Magic of invoking Thor from a true Viking Warrior named Stephen Trueheart, when I lived in Arizona.

He was fierce. Over 6 feet tall, blond top knot coming out the crown of his head and flashing blue eyes. He was Lithuanian by birth.

He was 60 when I met him and a retired world class kick boxer. He tells the story of how he met Chuck Norris in a heavyweight match in one of the Asian countries and beat him so bad, that Chuck dropped contact fighting and went to Hollywood.

Stephen was no angel and spent many years of his youth in prison. He was not a rapist nor a murderer. Just an overzealous Viking Warrior.

While he was in prison, being young and attractive, he was constantly being stalked by real hard core inmates. He had to protect himself at all times and keep a pair of eyes in back of his head.

He would get into fights ( and not always win) and it rewarded him 30 days of solitary in the hole where he could be alone and feel somewhat safe.

One night his cell lit up and Thor passed through the walls and stood there. Thor said "Take us with you when you leave this cell." And he shook his mighty hammer.

He then disappeared out through the walls.

Here Is How Stephen Learned to Invoke Thor For Protection.

He spent the next few months talking to the Odinist inmates and reading their books of Norse Gods/goddesses. When he was with them the pressure from the predators lessened. But he was still fair game when alone.

He developed the following rituals:

Before he went out into the yard everyday he sat on his bunk for 15 minutes and he would visualize Thor, with his flashing blue eyes, red beard and powerful hammer. He would visualize himself leaving the cell with Thor and walking out into the yard.

Then he would visualize Thor walking in front of him with his hammer raised and the inmates fleeing in all directions. He would visualize Thor whacking the real predators in the head with his hammer.

Then he would get up and go out. He did this visualization as often as he could.

Want the Giants, trolls and predictors to scurry away from you and your family? Then start visualizing Thor and his Thor's Hammer Moljinor going before you.

As the months turned into years, Stephen won his space and freedom from predators. But he was not satisfied because he knew that Thor was doing all the work.

He wanted to become as strong as Thor and beat the predators with his own strength.

Thurisaz (THORN) Rune

Stephen turned to the Runes.

He drew a copy of a Thurisaz/THORN Rune on a piece of cardboard and kept it with him at all times. Check out the Thurisaz Rune on the Thor Magi ck Rune box. You need your tools if you are to be powerful.

He told me the thoughts for this ritual came from the ancestral soul of the Northern peoples which was whispered into his ear by a caring ancestor,

Everyday, several times a day, he would take out his cardboard Thruisaz Rune and hold it in this hands while he sat on his bed.

Then he intoned the following: "I am now inhaling the power, strength and fighting ability of the God Thor into every cell of my body."

Then he took a deep breath and actually inhaled Thor's strength which came through the Thor's Hammer Rune.

He kept this up for 15 minutes three times a day.

You want the strength of Thor inside of you? Start the inhaling now!

Stephen could feel himself getting stronger and stronger. He took advantage of the prison gym when he could and worked out diligently when in solitary. The guards gave him 2 empty gallon water bottles and he filled them with water and used them as his weights. He designed a very difficult regimen in his little 8x10 cell.

When he got to Arizona he was still doing it. We bought a piece of 4x8 ply wood, placed it on the floor and we use to work out together. In the 6 months that I knew him he helped make me a more powerful viking. I learned his visualization and rune breathings and I have had predators cross the street away from me. When my 18 year old daughter came to visit and we went for walks any man who looked at here was beamed at.

She finally told me in good humor "dad I don't think I will walk with you today ... you are scaring all the good looking cowboys away. And I was almost 50.

When Stephen was at full strength he sought out his predators, and to make a long story short, he spent the next 5 years in solitary confinement where he continued his Thor visualizations and his Runic breathing as well as his exercise program as well as he could in a 8x10 foot cell.

When he finally go out of prison he took up kick boxing and when he went to Asia he became champion in several of the smaller countries.

You don't have to fight the Giants physically, but if you want to be safe on the city streets from all predators start now to do the visualization and runic breathing exercises. Within 30 days you will feel the difference within yourself and the reactions of bad guys when you walk down the street.

How To Protect Your Family With Thor's Strength.

Whenever your family goes out, your wife shopping and your children to school take 5 minutes (several times a day) and visualize Thor walking alongside of them in the malls and in the school corridors.

The more time that you spend on this family protection visualizations the stronger the connection will be between them and Thor and the safer they will be.

Give them all a Thurisaz/THORN Rune to carry or better yet make then each a small Thor's Hammer to wear around their necks for protection. Buy them their own private Thor Magic Rune Box.

In Conclusion

To invoke the strength and protection of Thor and Thor's Hammer:

(a) Visualize walking with him in front of you when going out. See the Giants and trolls and predators fleeing from you.

(b) Draw yourself a THORN/Thurisaz Rune (or print out the one from this booklet) and start inhaling the strength of Thor by intoning"I am now inhaling the strength, power and fighting abilities of Thor into every cell of my body." Do it several times a day.

(c) When driving your car feel and see Thor riding in front in his goat drawn battle chariot clearing the way for you.

(d) When in a confrontational event that looks like it may go past the talking stage. Get quiet. Invoke Thor and then actually see him step froward and swing his mighty hammer at the predator. Do this till the predator feels this awesome power coming at him (and he will) and turns and runs.

(e) In the evening in the quiet of your room invoke Thor and send him to visit those who have been giving you a hard time. See him whacking them and chasing them away. Be careful with this one you do not want to harm innocent people.

(f) When you know that you are going to be in a difficult place, take a magic marker and draw a Thurisaz Rune in each your palms. Then when you get to where you are going, open your hands and face them in the direction of where danger may be coming and feel the power and strength of Thor pouring out of your palms and in the direction of the danger.

Want to be safe in this unsafe world?

Then you need a body guard just like in the movie of same name.

Invoke Thor and he will be glad to take up the job.

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