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HEALTH can be attracted to you. You are a magnet attracting to you all things via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings and the Runic energies you start into motion. You can use RUNE URAZ MAGIC HEALING to attract HEALTH to you.

Runes are Universal Creative Energies

The New Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything exists in an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean

Therefore, when you meditate, look at, do a runic yoga exercise or a runic circle or a runic healing you are touching the Runic Energy Field inside the Quantum Ocean

One of the most powerful Laws of the Universe is The Law of Attraction

This tells you that whatever you think about or place your attention on will eventually be attracted to you

So when you do Rune Work you attract the Runic Energies to you out of the Quantum Ocean.

In our case we want to attract the energies of Rune URAZ HEALTH

Now when these Rune URAZ HEALTH Energies come to you they will come in waves (like Quantum Physics). These will be waves of health, wealth and well being.

They will enter your AURA where there are energy blockages

These energy blockages are what causes dis-ease and ill health

YOU MUST STILL ACT ON THESE healing waves that will enter your aura.

Another lesser known but powerful law, that Quantum Physics is sharing with us is this:


This has powerful ramifications. This means that if other people have energy blockages due to negative thinking, feeling and acting --- they will become dis-eased and they will affect you.

Anger, resentment, hate jealousy and vindictiveness are energies and emotions that cause blockages in peoples aurasBlockages cause dis-ease and ill health.

If you send people anger, hate, resentment, jealousy and vindictiveness< class="blsp-spelling-corrected" id="SPELLING_ERROR_7">feelings of negative emotions towards yourself and others, you will be reducing the amount of dis-ease and ill health on the planet. Thereby you will automatically become healthier.

The Rune URAZ Health waves will enter your aura and start their work of dissolving blockages of negative emotions. You need something to help you with dissolving negative emotions because the world is so full of them (TV, media, wars, schools, elf towers etc are constantly pumping the negativity out) so you need help.


The Rune URAZ HEALING MAGIC SECRET is this: If you have thought forms in your own mind that will attract health and well being, the Runic Uraz Energy waves from the Quantum Ocean will fill these thought forms and make their manifestations quicker and surer.

The Law of Attraction also tells us that whatever you think or say in the "I AM..." form will be attracted to you

Whenever you say "I AM THIS OR THAT..." or think the same way ... you will attract that into your life

Therefore using the Rune URAZ and the Laws of Quantum Physics, the Laws of Attraction, and the "I AM" statements listed below you will ATTRACT HEALTH AND WELL BEING INTO YOUR LIFE

By stopping your thoughts and feelings of negative emotions you will also help everyone else on the planet. The best way that you as a single human can help heal the planet and its people is by not adding to the negativity!

Start now so that our children and grandchildren and kindred can live a healthier life.


Repeat them as often as possible during your day. Write them down and repeatedly look at them

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #1

Cure yourself from within with Rune Uraz Healing Magic

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #2

"I AM learning to LOVE myself? Deeply and profoundly!"

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #3

"I AM making a list of all the wonderful things about myself that is right with me."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #4

"I AM adding to my list everyday the reasons why I like myself. I understand that for perfect health I must learn to love myself first.

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #5

"I AM releasing all past resentments and disappointments I may be holding against others and myself."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #6

"I AM visualizing myself doing things in a complete state of health. I understand that what images I hold in my mind will come to pass. Therefore I hold images of a healthy me.

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #7

"I AM never going to talk about illnesses or diseases mine or others."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #8

"I AM learning to love everything and everyone, especially myself."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #9

"I know I have the power within me and with the help of the Rune URAZ Healing energies I AM breaking through all blockages and healing myself."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #10

"I AM stopping all criticism because I know that it causes blockages in myself and others."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #11

"I AM stopping all blame of myself and others."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #12

"I AM grateful for the Rune URAZ Healing energy that is coming to me in waves from the Quantum Ocean."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #13

"I AM seeing myself ONLY as WELL."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #14

"I AM HAPPY and I know that happiness induces health."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #15

"I AM laughing and watching 3 stooges and Marx Brothers and other comedy films."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #16

"I AM laughing my way back to health."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #17

"I AM grateful, appreciative, loving and happy and these energies help me in the Rune URAZ Healing process."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #18

"I AM rid of all blockages and all dis-eased, inharmonious energies in my Aura."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #19

"I AM making lists everyday of all the things I AM GRATEFUL for in my life."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #20

"I AM removing my attention from dis-ease and illness."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #21

"I AM focusing my attention on doing things that make me feel good."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #21

"I AM making happiness the number one thing in my life now."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #22

"I AM resisting nothing, loving everything."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #23

"I know there is no such thing as incurable and I am curing myself now."

Rune URAZ Healing Magic Secret #24

"I AM accepting that I AM PERFECT NOW!"

Health is a mindset HEALTH is literally attracted to you or repelled from you it's all about HOW YOU THINK!

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has studied astrology, metaphysics, runes and quantum physics for over 25 years. He is truly a knowledgeable gray beard. His writings are refreshing. He has combined the ancient wisdom teachings with the 21st century laws of quantum physics.

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