Thursday, June 21, 2012


The best way to introduce you to Norse Magic is through the runes. Runes are universal energies that exist and have always existed in the Quantum Ocean.

This new Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that all is energy. The runes are energies, you are energy, and all the gods/goddesses of the Northern pantheon are energy fields.

Even though they may not walk on the earth right now, they exist in the quantum ocean and can be invoked or called upon at any time. One of the best ways to contact the gods and goddesses is through the runes.

Man has the ability to reach into the quantum ocean with his mind and his thoughts and bring out any energy he wants into his physical reality.

The quantum ocean is an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy. There is no time there, nor is there space.
There is only the here-now.

Therefore there is not past where the gods lived. They live now.

It is a very sacred ritual to have a tattoo drawn on your body. Your body is your sacred temple and should not be defiled with just any scribbling or pornographic symbol.

Think of this: a picture or a photo of an auto is just as real as far as energy goes. It is just real as the steel and plastic car. Because according to spiritual quantum physics there is no real physical reality there is only energy in relationships.

This is how voodoo works. The voodoo priest makes an image of someone and pokes needles in it. The image is no different than the real person. Therefore the real person feels the pain.

So by getting a tattoo of a Norse runic symbol you connect yourself to the energy of the rune in the quantum ocean as well as the god/goddess associated with that rune.

These energies will manifest in your life.

Let me share just a few of these magical runes with you. You can look them up in any good rune book to see what they look like.

First we have the rune ANSUZ which is the rune of wisdom and occult power and knowledge. It should be tattooed in a deep indigo color. It is Odin’s rune. Odin’s totems are the wolf and raven. When you get this tattooed you will experience Odin’s power.

Next we have Thurisaz which is the rune of defense and strength. It is Thor’s rune. Everyone is familiar with Thor’s Hammer for protection. I wear mine 24/7. It should be red.
Thor’s totem is the bull.

Teiwaz is the rune of victory in battle and justice in all things. It it Tyr’s rune and should be purple. It is the up pointing arrow and Tyr’s totem is the sword.

The rune Inguz brings peace, plenty and masculinity into your life. It is Frey’s rune and should be russet in color. Frey’s totem is the boar.

That is enough to get you started.

If you want to get real creative you can combine more that one rune and create a bind rune which will give bring more energies into your life.

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